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Limited Only by Your Imagination

Krinklglas decorative panels are virtually unbreakable and surprisingly affordable. Krinklglas creates radiant environments of light and color while maintaining safety and privacy. Translucent prismatic fiberglass reinforced plastic panels textured surface reduces energy bills by insulating five times better than glass.Learn more about Fiberglass Translucent Resin Panels

Choose from our collection of solid colors, multicolors, and patterns. We can also custom match any color for your project.

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Religious Decorative Acrylic Panels

Create stunning translucent windows and entries for sacred spaces. Our artists can replicate your artwork or collaborate to bring your vision to life with plastic stained glass sheets. Krinklglas' decorative fiberglass reinforced panels offer the gem-like brilliance of stained glass at a fraction of the cost. Krinklglas is impact resistant and with its multifaceted surface resists scratching. Specializing in interior & exterior translucent fiberglass panels.

Commercial Translucent Plastic Panels

Although half the weight of glass, Krinklglas decorative panels meet the stringent building codes for hazardous hurricane areas (Dade County, FL #). Welcome to unlimited possibilities for decorative acrylic panels with strong, beautiful applications: windows, doors, partitions, patios, ceilings, gates, trace show booths, TV and film sets, and more. We specialize in interior & exterior translucent plastic panels.