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About Krinklglas Glass Manufacturers

US. Pavilion, 1964 World's Fair

Founder, S. Ronald Barnette

Established in 1956, Dimensional Plastics Corporation is a leader in the development and manufacturing of decorative Fiber glass Reinforced Paneling (FRP). As a proven alternative to stained glass, we offer our clients beauty, strength, and security for a fraction of the price.

Dimensional Plastics Corporation is a family owned and operated company with headquarters and glass manufacturing in the United States. Our founder, S. Ronald Barnette, developed ground-breaking FRP technology and Dimensional Plastics has been granted dozens of patents and trademarks for his innovative products. As the inventor of Krinklglas (K Glass) Mr. Barnette gained widespread acclaim for his breathtaking installation in the U.S. Pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair. Since then, Krinklglas has earned a loyal following among architects and designers who value its unique ability to replicate the luminescent beauty and rich, deep colors of traditional stained glass manufacturers while withstanding both natural and man made hazards.

We have been recognized as Best Product by Builder News Magazine, and have received numerous awards from such organizations as The Association of Interior Designers and Society of the Plastics Industry.