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Krinklglas® Architectural Glass

Translucent Fiberglass Resin Panels (RFP Panels) - Plastic Windows

For over fifty years Krinklglas has been used in countless translucent panel installations around the world. Krinkglas structural and decorative fiberglass reinforced translucent resin panels are a cost effective alternative to stained glass windows, leaded glass, and translucent glass. Krinklglas is ideal for both interior and exterior installations.

Manufactured in the United States with the highest workmanship standards, Krinklglas is made through an innovative process that combines a superior resin with invisible fiberglass reinforcement. The results are beautiful panels made of fiberglass reinforced plastic that will reduce your energy bills and withstand the elements.

Krinklglas translucent panels have been used in the set designs of "Conan" on TBS, "Ellen" on the WB, and the lifetime series "Drop Dead Diva". » View Krinklglas Product Specs

restaurants and bars translucent panelsFRP Wall Panels for Restaurants & Bars
fiberglassTranslucent RFP Panel Fiberglass Gates
set design FRP Wall Panels for TV & Film Set Design

Incredibly strong Fiberglass Translucent RFP Panels

Krinklglas plastic windows will stand up to anything life throws its way. Because of its fiberglass reinforcement, Krinklglas will withstand the impact from such objects as projected stones, bricks and bottles without shattering. Eliminate replacement costs from everyday hazards and vandalism. And with its multifaceted surface, Krinklglas is scratch resistant. Krinklglas FRP panels can be easily cut, drilled and worked with common carpentry tools. Cost effective plastic window and architectural glass solution for Restaurants, Bars and TV&Film Set Design. » View Krinklglas Product Specs

translucent panels for transportation facilitiesFRP Transportation Facilities
custom translucent panel signsFRP Custom Signs
skylightsFRP Luminous Skylights

Translucent Panel glass Walls- Immunity to Severe Weather

Krinklglas is impervious to environmental conditions like temperature change and all forms of precipitation. While meeting stringent building codes for hazardous hurricane areas, Krinklglas provides maximum protection to the installation. When your exterior windows, walls, and railings are Krinklglas, the dangers of shattered glass and flying objects are virtually eliminated. Krinklglas is the perfect translucent panel for architectural glass. The detrimental effects of sunlight have been minimized with the addition of U.V. absorbers.

partitions and screensTranslucent Panel Partitions & Screens
fiberglass reinforced plastic panels - commercial artworkFRP Commercial Artwork
religious artworkReligious Translucent Panel Artwork

Glass Manufactured with Unequalled Beauty

Krinklglas Transparent Resin Panels possess a multi-faceted textured surface that draws and refracts light in a compelling, deep three-dimensional way. The refracted light produces sparkling gem like effects all its own. Its range of vibrant color is unlimited. So are the options for custom artwork and embedments.  In addition to rigid panels, Krinklglas can be shaped or formed to your requirements.

vandal-proofVandal-Proof 1
vandal-proofVandal-Proof 2

Vandal-Proof Structural Glass Walls

Metal inlays add a visual deterrence to Krinklglas while providing superior strength - without compromising beauty. The heavy duty translucent fiberglass reinforced plastic panels allow natural lighting but is stronger and safer than glass.

krinkled iceKrinkle Ice 1
krinkled iceKrinkle Ice 2

Krinkle Ice Architectural Glass

Hand designed to simulate ice. Much more than a flat surface, these strikingly textured panels enhance any space.

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