Krinklglas translucent panels are an excellent option to bring design and privacy together for a home or any construction.  With the technology of FRP is guaranteed to have the strength to last you years and offer you the security and privacy you desire.  In comparison to plexiglass, acrylic, metal and/or plastic our panels offer both privacy while still providing a beautiful variety of colors to accentuate any construction. With numerous options from clear to over 45+ solid colors and over 20 multicolor combinations our panels and its crinkle texture will give the brilliant effect as diamond has in natural light. During daylight the sun will bring all the colors to life making a statement in décor and at night with your house lights or spotlight you can still showcase the beauty of the brilliance of the colors. With over 60 years in business we have been proven to withstand the elements and are backed by a 7 year warranty.  We have proven ourselves with other products and have proven to be the leaders in privacy and beauty.

Krinklglas can be a substitute for:






-Metal sheets


Krinklglas can be added as infills for:


-Wrought Iron fence

-Pool fence

-Chain link

-Iron works


-PVC Fencing

Krinklglas Eliminates the chances of:







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