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What is Krinklglastm?

The only hand-made Fiberglass Reinforced Copolymer Panel (FRP) on the market. It offers a unique multifaceted surface and prismatic light diffusion characteristics provides gem-like brilliance and appearance of faceted glass, yet is more practical, durable and versatile. Krinklglastm is available in both solid and multiple color combinations and its density ranges from clear translucent to opaque and can be drilled and cut for easy mounting at the work site-with conventional tools

Is Krinklglastm shatterproof?

Krinklglastm is virtually unbreakable...
safer and stronger than glass. It can withstand impact from stones, bricks and bottles without shattering.

What design flexibility do I have with Krinklglastm?

Krinklglastm is available in a wide variety of patterns, included debossed effects in diamonds, circles, squares and artistic figures and shapes; mosaics; simulated lead lines in various styles. Provides architects and interior designers with an opportunity to create their own unique design. Use Krinklglastm for new construction, to remodel, adding color, privacy and extra insulation to existing plain glass windows without having to replace them!

How can Krinklglastm panels be cut?

KRINKLGLAStm can be cut, drilled and worked with common carpentry tools. Its fiberglass reinforcement prevents any shattering or bracking. Panels can be cut on the job site by hand, utilizing a circular, band or saber saw.

For best results, use a carbide tipped or caborundum blade or any fine-toothed blade suitable for cutting metal.

For bolted or floating assemblies, use a flexible strip around both sides of the inserted panel. The bold holes must be drilled with an outside diameter (O.D.) slightly larger than the O.D of the screw or bolt thread to be used.

Use a flexible neoprene type gasketing washer with the screw or bolt to provide a solid fir and to avoid stresses when the bolts or screws are tightened. Bolts or screws should be tightened only enough to prevent leakage, and must not be torque or over-tightened

Is Krinklglastm weather resistant?

Impervious to the elements, meets hurricane building codes, wont deform under heat or crack in extreme cold conditions it has proven durability for over 60 years with minimum color fading. Better insulator than glass.

How does Krinklglastm compare to stained glass?

Krinklglastm is less expensive and much more durable than stained glass, with significantly less maintenance, yet just as beautiful. Prims like faceted surfaces give radiant stained-glass appearance in a virtually unlimited range of colors, multi-colors, patterns and artwork.

How many colors is Krinklglastm available in?

Krinklglastm is available in any vibrant color under sun. Check samples here

Am I able to create custom artwork on Krinklglastm?

Yes!. Our team of talented artist can create exclusive original designs or replicate existing designs or artwork. All artwork is done by hand. Furthermore,
we are able to match any shade of color for that truly custom look. Can be cut to most flat shapes - we do straight cuts and curved cuts (based on customer-furnished templates) or request.

How is Krinklglastm cleaned and maintained?

KRINKLGLAStm is resistant to most acidsm mild alkalies and petroleum-based solvents.

For basic cleaning, first try mild soap and water. Graffiti, paint and other problem materials can usually be removed with ordinary non-abrasive cleanser or solvents.

Most surface marks and scratches can be removed or hidden with a clear liquid floor wax. More stubborn scratches can be covered with clear polyurethane, which is also a good substance to restore surface luster after many years of exposure to the elements.

How to install Krinklglastm?

Krinklglastm is much lighter than glass and can be cut, drilled and worked using conventional tools. Installers should allow about 1/8’’ edge clearance when framing, to provide space for expansion and contraction of the panel. Edge engagement around the panel perimeter must be a minimum of 3/8’’ for spans less than 24’’ and increases proportionately up to 1’’ for a 4 x 10 panel for exterior applications. Any quality construction grade silicone sealant may be used for edge sealing without fear of leakage.

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