Krinklglas has stood up to the test of time by being able to withstand anything.   Its fiberglass reinforced will withstand the impact from such objects as projected stones, bricks or a crowbar without shattering. Eliminate replacement costs from everyday hazards and vandalism and with its multi faceted surface it becomes scratch resistant we have been part of many  projects from the new York transit authority, major hospitals, state prisons and city bus stops to name a few. Our FRP technology panels not only are strong and safe but also pleasing to the eye. We have a collection of solid and multi colors along with designs or logo and messages that can be added to the panels.

Our panels also can be curved, bent or custom made shape to accommodate your needs or projects. We work closely with the architects and engineers on the projects to meet all safety needs and accomplish your goal.  

Krinklglas is the choice for your project and municipality bids. It is manufactured in the United States and creating local jobs is our goal!

Krinklglas Applications

  • Bus stops
  • Trains
  • Subway
  • Hospital
  • Parking lots
  • Signage door
  • Directory
  • Gym
  • Shelters
  • Privacy wall
  • Partitions
  • Protective walls
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